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I could have sworn I replied to your comment, but it has disappeared. Thanks for reading it, i'm glad you enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable fic. I found it believable that Dean would wait to reload the guns in this situation. He figures he has plenty of time, and there's a girl waiting for him at the pool - it's hard to argue with that. I loved that as soon as Dean realized what had happened, he tried to call his father. I felt bad for him when he had to wait all night with no word. That by itself would convince Dean never to do it again. I liked that John's anger melted away when he saw the guilt and worry written all over Dean's face. I had to shake my at how stoic Dean tried to be during the spanking - he totally would be like that, and John in response would spank harder/longer to get the desired result. I loved that Dean clearly could tell that his father had never hit him that hard before - I guess I like that because Dean is officially an 'adult' now. The hug and comfort John gave Dean when it was very satisfying to read. And I loved the little bit of humor at the end - with Dean saying he'd cry right away next time, and John taking that to mean there would BE a next time. LOL Thanks for the story. :)

...yup that about sums it up--this is a fantastic read---great job! :D

Thanks :) I actually thought of the ending, before I'd managed to think of a reason for Dean being punished in the first place!

Thanks :) I actually thought of the ending before I'd managed to think of a believable reason for Dean being punished in the first place! Glad you liked it.

Hi! I could have sworn I replied to your comment, but it has disappeared! So if you didn't get it, thanks for reading :)

Thank you sooo much for writing this story, I absolutely loved it!! It was soo great! You are such an awesome writer!! :) U made my day!!

I am glad you liked it - I was worried you wouldn't! It was good practise for me too, because I'm not confident about writing older teens!

I didn't just liked it I loved it lol And you did a perfect job writing a teen Dean :) Thanks again your writing rocks!

I will keep my thinking cap on for more story ideas involving teen Dean! (if you have any, feel free to share them!) I have signed up for another prompt fic, but am gonna have to make that teen Sam for my idea to work.Hmm. I was writing this story and my chaptered fic on fanfiction.net at the same time, so when I got writer's block on one, I'd just swap to the other , so it worked out brill :o)

Loved it! When will Dean learn. Cheerleaders are his kryptonite. Loved how John could read his son from the time he spoke to him on the phone until he comforted him after the spanking. Liked how John lost his anger but still knew a good hard spanking was what Dean needed. Liked the humor at the end. Great fic!

I could have sworn I commented on this, but oh well!

I loved it! Dean should know better than to throw his father's orders out on the back burner. Then he had an angry John to contend with, yikes! But all in good order, John knew a good, hard spanking was necessary to help relieve his son of his guilt, and there was plenty of comfort afterwards.

Great story! :] Keep up the good work!

I was re-reading my stories looking for inspiration so that I can write a new one when I noticed something about this one: I'm sure I replied to your kind comment already, but it appears to have vanished - aargh - along with some others I was convinced I'd replied to as well (I always reply). You've mentioned that you'd thought you'd commented already too, so maybe I'm not going completely mental. Anyway, assuming you didn't get my reply before, thanks for reading this :)

Aw, I really liked this. I loved how tender John was with Dean and how Dean went all little boy on his father after the spanking. I liked that John got straight to the spanking too and didn't lecture as Dean already knew what he did, loved how close John was to Dean in this, how he knew exactly what his son needed. Great job!

Thanks, am glad you liked it. I wanted to show how well John understood his eldest, so I'm chuffed that that came across.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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